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Part of the Supplementary Schools Network, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Applications Now Open For October 2021
Covid-19 Resonse
As the Covid-19 Situation in the UK seems to be being contained, and schools have been resuming, we were able to re-start The Arabic Club for Kids in Sout London in June. We are planning resumption of the South London branch by 3rd October, - slightly later than our usual start date, due to continuing logistics due to Covid-19. We also hope to re-open in the Kensignton area later in the year, as well as expanding to North London and outside of London. Please contact us on info@arabicclub.co.uk for further details.

Over the pandemic year we have initiated plans for curriculum development and are excited about integrating these in our new start. We are also aiming to have online options in the near future. Please contact us on info@arabicclub.co.uk for further details.
Welcome to The Arabic Club For Kids

We believe that The Arabic Club For Kids, a Kensington Arabic School as well as a South London Arabic School, is the best Children's school for Arabic in the UK. We are also hoping to exapand beyond Kensington and South London in the near future

Our Arabic school is based on careful and ongoing research into both teaching methods and children's education to provide an excellent and stimulating learning environment for your children. We aim to be learner focussed and be aware of our children's learning needs and their need to enjoy and play as well. At The Arabic Club For Kids, with a professional and structured curriculum, clearly thought-out materials and resources and a superb line up of devoted Arabic teachers working on our Arabic lessons, classes and tuition, we aim to excel in all these areas.

We have Arabic classes running in Kensington on Saturday and in South London on Sunday and as well as Kensington and South London hope to have branches at other locations around London and the UK soon.

Professional Teachers, In-Depth Teaching