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Part of the Supplementary Schools Network, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Kensington English-Arabic Full Time Bilingual Pre-School

Contact: info@arabicclub.co.uk, 02079939010

In 2019 we will be operating London's first truly bilingual English-Arabic pre-School for ages 3-5 years.

On Friday 26th of April 2019 2019, at 10am we have our first preliminary parents/carers introductory meeting and walk around the setting.
The setting is spread over no.5 and adjoining no.9 Holland Road, London W18HJ.
We will meet and no.5 Holland Road at 10am and walk you through a preliminary tour.
Please register to attend this or send your enquiries to info@arabicclub.co.uk or call us o 0207 9939010. 

It can’t be denied. Multilingualism is a gateway to global world.  Multilingualism grants the ability to interface on more than one social or professional front. But there is more. Critical psychological and physiological research from some of the world’s top universities also show that learning more than language especially from a young age, creates understandings and empathies to be  a conduit for pluralism, and an ambassador for peace. But these studies show further that, children who learn more than one language at a young age have higher cognitive abilities and out-score children who do not know a foreign language in subjects such as mathematics and science. The brain is a synergy of interaction and the process of development and the sharpness of cognition in general is enhanced with additional language abilities. These understandings, empathies and keen thinking can enable and promote the creativity of tomorrow’s frontiers.

Preparing to launch between in September 2018 and based on the principles of immersion, a full-time English-Arabic bilingual pre-school run in a prime London location, brings a new dimension to the terrain of education in London and the UK. Rabab Hamiduddin first started The Arabic Club for Kids as a weekend Arabic school in 2007, which is now in its 10th successful year and expanding around London. Rabab is working with a team of expert consultants from education departments from University College London and other language consultants in accordance with the standards of the EYFS and Montessori and aim to make this an outstanding provision for young children.  Extended hours care will also be offered.

Arabic is not only a beautiful, rich literary language of great expressive depth, it is also a prime language of the modern world. Its importance is growing, economically and politically as well as culturally.  Knowing Arabic can open doors to future opportunities.

The school will be a bilingual English-Arabic language school, (not an Islamic school) and welcomes all learners.

Beyond pre-school

What about your child’s progress after pre-school? To support this, we are actively developing the following initiatives:

-          A full-time bilingual school for primary ages in the near future

-          Two weekend schools are already operated in London by the Arabic Club for Kids in Kensington and South London for older children.

-          A network of international teaching and learning to make possible intercultural exchanges, opportunities for educational travel, and cultural events.