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Part of the Supplementary Schools Network, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Teacher Profiles

Director and Founder

Rabab Hamiduddin PhD London.

PhD. Arabic Literature, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Former Teacher of Arabic at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Research Associate of Arabic literature at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Stage one and stage two Language teaching courses certificates run by Cambridge University.

NVQ 4, Early Years Management

Personal Email: rh35@soas.ac.uk

Rabab's Words

"The Arabic Club For Kids has enabled me to combine my two passions of teaching Arabic and children’s education. Inspired by observing children and the way they love to learn and play, I hope the Arabic Club For Kids will provide a fun place for children to be, a place where they will be immersed in Arabic, and learn about the language and culture with our friendly, qualified and professional staff and our specially designed curriculum. I would sincerely like to thank all those many people who have helped me bring you this club. Now having operated for over ten years we continue to be delighted by the success we have seen. Not only is the fun the children have our reward, but so is their enjoyment in the learning process our reward and satisfaction".

Teacher Training

Graham Workman

Graham Workman is a teacher trainer, language teacher and materials writer. He has over 25 years of work experience in the UK and Europe, and has written several books on teaching methodologies and learning strategies which bring together many theories of learning and are filled with new ideas and materials for teaching. Graham has prepared inspiring training courses at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he has been working for over two years. His wealth of ideas and effective teacher training played an inspiring part in developing the new curriculum to be used at the Arabic Club For Kids. In addition, Graham, who runs training courses for Primary and Secondary school on a freelance basis, prepared a specially tailored course for the Arabic Club For Kids which keeps in mind the aim of teaching children a new language while enabling them to enjoy their weekend. All our teachers have attended this course.

Graham's words

"It was a great pleasure to work on the aims and curriculum for the Arabic Club For Kids. We have aimed to make learning as much fun as possible and included lots of activities the children will love doing and learn from at the same time."

Nick Bilbrough

Bio data
Nick's words

Rema Halwani visiting consultant

Having obtained a degree in Arabic and a diploma in children's education from Damascus University, Rima Halwani also brings her extensive skills from over 15 years of teaching and her wealth of ideas to this Arabic school for children. Rema taught at the Arabic Club For Kids for 3 years, before she felt she now needed some extra time at home at the weekends. We are so sad to lose her and her amazing teaching. However we were equally delighted when she agreed to come back to us as a visiting consultant. She now visits the school occasionally and offers the benefit of her long experience to us through observation and feedback of teachers and overall structure of teaching and curriculum ideas.

Rema's words

"The environment at The Arabic Club For Kids is caring and inclusive. The children are well known to the staff and therefore our school provides a safe, secure and welcoming place in which to learn. Due to the very high teaching standards and the excellent subject knowledge of the teachers, the lessons are made fun with varied and effective interactive activities. We make use of computer aided learning, power points and also find the time to play language learning games. The staff headed by Dr. Rabab strive to constantly raise standards and self assess to improve the programme still further. It also pleases me to see that staff work with parents to increase our children's self-esteem and confidence. I would also finally like to praise the children themselves for their positive attitudes, enthusiasm to learn and good behaviour throughout the year. I am very happy to be part of the team at the Arabic Club For Kids and am thoroughly enjoy using the materials provided in the developing curriculum, making the job of teaching both so very enjoyable and satisfying."


School Manager

Maha Sharba

Lead Teachers

Fatimah Naghi (Lead Teacher of Kindergarten)

Maha Sharba, (Lead Teacher of Foundation and School Manager)

Maha Sharba from Syria has excelled in developing her skills as a child care worker and teacher of Arabic. She is an asset to The Arabic Club For Kids and a valued member of the team. She holds an NVQ 3 and applies her knowledge with skill. She puts into practice The Arabic Club For Kids teaching ethos, as she welcomes children into a fun and caring environment. Currently she is studying BA hons in Youth and Childhood studies, and always applying valuable new found knowledge and skills to her work. She also works on the TPR programme which is an initiative we have been using effectively and are continuing to develop at the Club.

Maha's words

"I was really pleased when Rabab asked me to teach in The Arabic Club For Kids. I've dreamed for a long time of teaching children Arabic in a way that is different from what I have generally seen in other Arabic schools both here and abroad, so that children find that they love learning Arabic and really enjoy and achieve. Being intensely involved in the preparation of the Curriculum materials right from the very beginning, I know very well how much effort and resource has been invested in this and how are standards and expectations are different from and surpass many other schools that teach Arabic. All staff, with generous support and useful guidance from the Director, Rabab, work very hard and sustain a truly excellent learning environment. Now after four years of working at the Club, I can say that my dream has come true. I hear from parents and carers about their satisfaction with the progress."

Zanoubia al-Amir (Lead Teacher of Level 1)

Ghadier Elbalawy  (Lead Teacher Level 2)

Support Teachers

Rawad's words

Quran Coordinator

Specialist Department Teachers

Drama Coordinator

Rawad Abou Hamad (Acts as consultant at the moment).

Quran Coordinator

Ghadier Elbalawy

Classroom Assistant