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Part of the Supplementary Schools Network, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Not just another day of
school at the weekend

‘We realise that many of the children coming to us to learn Arabic at the weekends, have already spent a full 5 days of the week at school.  At the Arabic club for kids we are urgently aware of this and do not want to labour your children with a feeling of endless schooling.  Our programme is thus catered and tailored to give your children an enjoyable, stimulating and high achieving learning experience without adding further stress. We take into account that it’s the weekend, and have a wide variety of carefully thought through learning activities that fill the young hearts with eagerness to learn Arabic.

At the same time we are keenly aware of our duty to fulfil the learning targets.  We cover all four skills of language learning, - reading, writing, speaking and listen, through a whole range of focussed and fun language learning strategies. 

Our teachers are professionals, being paid professional rates, with qualifications and skills to teach children, not just people who ‘speak Arabic’.  We have ongoing, teacher training events and constant monitoring and staff meetings to maintain a dynamic, prospering and forward thinking learning environment.  Our teachers are with us, because they work to give before they take.  One other important factor that sets us apart is our high teacher to pupil ratio.  In the kindergarten environment we maintain a ratio of 1 teacher to every 8 students and have additional care helpers at snack and play times and other times if needed.  In other classes we roughly maintain our ratio of 1:8 and in fact in higher classes, the teacher pupil ratio is even higher.

Children who come to us, firstly come to love Arabic. Secondly, - they learn Arabic.

We hope to have further branches in London and also around the UK such as Oxford and Leciester in the near future, so that accessibility for children wanting to join our Arabic classes is easier.

Curriculum and Materials.

The Arabic Club For Kids uses to a great extent it’s own curriculum materials and planned activities.  Currently there is a dearth of what we feel are good quality resources.  We hope to contribute to this gap to, and are currently working on more than one publication.  Just published is a work that is a first of its kind: A series of lively, colourful, engaging and effective series of 48 books for 'Guided Reading in Arabic'.  This is the first Arabic language resource of its kind, and is a result of over two years of hard work in collaboration with world experts in 'Guided Reading' which is already a very effecitive method to teach early literacy to children in European languages.  Over our two years of research we carefully examined how guided reading could be applied to Arabic with specific considerations to its pedagogy, nuances, grammer and culture.  They are available on amazon, http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=arabic%20club%20readersor please contact us or Oxford University Press (our publishers) on education.export@oup.com.

We hope to be producing more such Arabic language resources for children soon.

Rabab Hamiduddin. (Director).